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General Health Swims

Swimming is a great way to improve your pets health and well being. Swimming is a non weight bearing activity which can be enjoyable for water loving dogs alongside improving their fitness. 


Pool VS Lake

Why should you swim your dog in a pool over a lake is a question that may be pondering.

Clean & Safe water

Easy entry and exit

Warm therapeutic water

Qualified hydrotherapist

Individual swim sessions

Swim Sessions

Our general health swim programs are for patients that have no prior orthopedic, neurological or soft tissue conditions within the last year. These sessions are booked for 30 minutes and includes a general health assessment on arrival, pre/post warm up shower, fitting of a buoyancy aid/harness, a fun swim in our therapy pool with a qualified hydrotherapist and towel dry post session. 

Price £30.00 (£15 for an extra dog from the same household) 


Booking An Appointment

For all conditions, sport medicine programs and fitness patients we require permission from your vets for our therapists  to assess and treat your pet. 

To process this we require the following information:

-Therapy requested i.e hydrotherapy, physiotherapy

- The full name of your pet registered at your vets & condition coming for

- The vets your pets are registered with

-The first line of your address

We will then contact your vets to complete our referral forms and request your pets clinical history. Once this has been returned we will contact you to book your initial consultation. 

To contact us please send us an email at or call us on 07815996393

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