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Meet The Team

George and Loki.jpg
Georgina Plummer RVN MCHA
Director of The Animal Rehab Clinic
Registered Veterinary Nurse and Hydrotherapist

George qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2011 from Harper Adams University College. George started her career working within a large referral hospital where she nursed and helped to rehabilitate post operative soft tissue, orthopedic and neurological patients.

She gained a passion for rehabilitation early on and completed further education at Hawksmoor hydrotherapy center to become a registered canine hydrotherapist with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA).

She is also currently undertaking a diploma in Animal Physiotherapy so she can enhance her bespoke hydrotherapy service at The Animal Rehab Clinic.

When not at the clinic George enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her border collie Riley and cat Brady. 

Helen Matyear RVN MCHA
Registered Veterinary Nurse

and Hydrotherapist

Helen qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2018 and has worked in first opinion and referral practices with orthopaedic, soft tissue and neurological patients. It was while first working in referral that Helen developed a love for all things rehab and so she went onto become a qualified Hydrotherapist and member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA). Helen splits her time between working at the clinic, teaching, and nursing in practice.


Having started her career in animal rescue with the RSPCA Helen also has a passion for rescue work and animal welfare. When not at the clinic Helen enjoys going for dog walks with her rescue staffy Lily and spending time with family and friends.

Lucy Hewlett MCHA
Small Animal Level 3

Lucy qualified as a small animal hydrotherapist in 2019 with Hawksmoor hydrotherapy center and is a member of the canine hydrotherapy association. Lucy has a passion for working with our pool clients helping them to gain strength and encourage range of movement using the aid of the warm water. 

When Lucy is not in the clinic you can find her over the stables looking after over 30 horses. Lucy is a show jumper and eventer. She has won many prestigious awards through her horse riding career to include her win at

Blue Chip Championship. 

Working with horses for the majority of her life has given her a keen eye for assessing gait patterns and lameness. You can find Lucy working at the clinic on Thursday evenings. 

Mia Hanton MCHA
Small Animal Level 3

Mia qualified as a canine hydrotherapist in September 2022 and is registered with the canine hydrotherapy association (CHA). Mia qualified whilst completing a degree in animal therapy and rehabilitation at Oxford Brooks university.  Mia is now continuing her studies at the University of Nottingham, studying an MSc in veterinary physiotherapy to further grow her skills and expand her rehabilitation knowledge. Mia has always wanted to pursue a career with animals and discovered her passion for rehabilitation whilst seeking treatment for her own fur baby. Outside of the clinic, Mia loves long walks in the countryside with her dog, travelling to different places and experiencing new cultures.

The Animal Rehab Clinic Hydrotherapy Team

The Animal Rehab Clinic Physiotherapy Team

Sophie 1_JPG.webp

Sophie Hughes

BSc(Hons), MCSP, HPC,

PGDip (Vet Phys.) ACPAT CAT A


Alex Hallett

BSc(Hons), MCSP, HPC,

PGDip (Vet Phys.) ACPAT CAT A

Alex qualified as a human Physiotherapist in 2006 and continues to work in the NHS as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and within hydrotherapy services. Since qualifying as a veterinary physiotherapist she has worked in a small animal referral hospital (treating both inpatients and outpatients) providing hydrotherapy as part of the rehabilitation programme and explored the local countryside treating a wide range of equine patients. 


Alex has a keen interest in preventative medicine and prehabilitation (in both her human and animal work!). Aiming to prevent an impact on quality of life and preparing those who need surgical intervention to have the best possible outcome.

thumbnail_Anastasia Bisala physio (1).jpg

Anastasia Bisala

BSc(Hons), MCSP, HPC,

PGDip (Vet Phys.) ACPAT CAT A

I am a chartered physiotherapist specialising in animal physiotherapy. I have been working as a physiotherapist for nine years, privately and within the NHS, in United and Kingdom and in Greece. Working with animals was always my passion, which was the drive to start a master's degree at Hartpury University to specialise in veterinary physiotherapy. I am currently working offering physiotherapy for animals and people, as well as doing research for my dissertation. On my free time, I love spending time with my dog Sammy and travelling.


Kamil Simpson

BSc(Hons), MCSP, HPC,

PGDip (Vet Phys.) ACPAT CAT A

Kamil graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Physiotherapy from UWE Bristol in2017 and returned to her hometown of Leicester to complete her core physiotherapy rotations as a Chartered Physiotherapist. She moved back to Bristol to specialise in human
musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy, and in 2022 qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist, after undertaking the Hartpury University Veterinary Physiotherapy Masters programme.
Alongside working for The Animal Rehab Clinic, Kamil continues to treat NHS patients in an inpatient reablement centre, practices privately in a North Bristol clinic for physiotherapy and massage, and treats equine patients from Gloucester to Devon!
A keen learner, Kamil has undertaken multiple CPD courses throughout her career and,
realising the value and importance of peer working, became a member of specialist
physiotherapist Dave O’Sullivan’s mentorship programme, joining an international group of
like-minded therapists to continue expanding her physiotherapy knowledge and skills.

Sophie completed her human physiotherapy degree in 2014. Working in South Wales, Sophie completed all her core human physiotherapy rotations then specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. With a huge love of animals, Sophie undertook the Veterinary Physiotherapy Masters programme at Hartpury.  Sophie faced a challenging final year, completing her degree with distinction during time of re-deployment to assist with the pandemic for respiratory physiotherapy in intensive care. Whilst also working for The Animal Rehab Clinic, Sophie is continuing to work for the NHS as a First Contact Practitioner.

Around training and working, Sophie has three horses, two of which she brought on from weanlings.  Sophie also owns a Staffie called Maud who enjoys cani-cross, man-trailing and scent work.  Sophie can usually be found in the Welsh countryside somewhere either on horseback or "running" with Maud. Keep your eyes peeled, or you might miss her!

The Animal Rehab Clinic Canine Massage & Acupuncturist


Laura Pye 

Canine Massage Therapist

I have worked with dogs for a number of years now, previously with an assistance dog charity and more recently as a dog trainer in agility, puppy and adult dog training.
I compete at championship level in agility with two of my dogs and have a young dog who I’m starting to train. I have previously trained in working trials, obedience and scent work so have good understanding of the requirements and stresses of other sports.
I have always been very interested in the rehabilitation of dogs. I found massage when my then young dog had a mystery issue which had been extensively and expensively investigated with no issues found. I’d given up all hope but, by chance and as a last attempt, when I was about to accept my one year old dog would never be able to do agility, I tried Clinical Canine Massage and the results were remarkable!
​This made me realise what an effective treatment Clinical Canine Massage was so I knew what I wanted to do and help lots of dogs and people as we’d been helped with Clinical Canine Massage Therapy.

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