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Pool Swimming

Pool swimming for rehabilitation is slow and controlled, this allows the patient to improve their range of movement of stiff joints, strengthen muscles and reduce pain. Pool swimming is completely non weight bearing which takes the pressure off the musculoskeletal system.



Integrated swimming jets

Large swimming capacity for dynamic movement

Warm therapeutic water at 30 degrees

Bespoke shower facilities

Gentle access ramp

 Standing support platform

Clean & safe filtered water

Buoyancy aids and safety harnesses 

Fully trained hydrotherapists

Individual therapy plans to treat various conditions & sport candidates


Our therapy sessions are booked with a qualified hydrotherapist, this includes an assessment on arrival, pre/post therapeutic shower, fitting of a harness or buoyancy aid, hands on water treatment and a towel dry. We also have treats and toys to encourage a fun and engaging session. 

Introduction to the water is tailored to each individual pet. We allow ample time for the patient to become confident in the water to encourage a relaxed environment. 

Price: £90 for an initial hydrotherapy assessment

£52 for on going hydrotherapy sessions

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Booking An Appointment

For all conditions, sport medicine programs and fitness patients we require permission from your vets for our therapists  to assess and treat your pet. 

To process this we require the following information:

-Therapy requested i.e hydrotherapy, physiotherapy

- The full name of your pet registered at your vets & condition coming for

- The vets your pets are registered with

-The first line of your address

We will then contact your vets to complete our referral forms and request your pets clinical history. Once this has been returned we will contact you to book your initial consultation. 

To contact us please send us an email at or call us on 07815996393

Pet Insurance

We are registered with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and the Association of Charted Physiotherapist in Animal Therapy, therefore most insurance companies will cover the costs of your treatment, this comes under complimentary therapy (for hydrotherapy and acupuncture) and vet fees (for physiotherapy) on your policy. Please speak to us if you have further questions on how to claim on your insurance. 

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